Photography 6 Figure Strategies

How Your Photography Business Can Earn 6 Figures Using Proven Marketing Techniques

Using A 3 Step Approach That’s Helped 482 In The US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland To Maximise The Profits They Make

$97 today, then 3 instalments of $197/month

OR - A single investment of $585

Dear Friend

This is an open letter to photographers who aren’t afraid to admit they want to make more money from their business. If that’s you, then read on

Making money as someone who works in photography is a touchy subject. Have you ever heard photographers say "if you’re in it for the money then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment"?

Well, if you believe that then it’s best for both of us if you stop reading here...

BUT if you want to make high five or six figures from your photography business while still having total freedom in your life, then take my hand as I lead you to the door of success - later I’ll ask you to walk through it, but that choice will be yours.

My name’s Dane Bergen and I’ve been working as a consultant for photography businesses from around the world to make the photographers who own them more money thanks to strategies that are simple to set up, but allow those businesses to find new clients and make more money per client, meaning a much bigger income at the end of the year.

And That’s What I Want To Show You How To Do... 

Make MUCH more money from the business you love.

I know you’re struggling, and I want you to know that it’s not your fault, and you're not the only one in this situation...

Thousands of photographers around the world are struggling too, and it's thanks to the economy right now. Trump's President of the USA, the whole Brexit thing happened, Australia is facing a mining slowdown - there's so much uncertainty and who know’s if it’ll recover this year, next year, or ten years from now. 

The good news is that there is a system you can use to transform your photography business into one that is designed to thrive in the current economic environment...

You can take a step ahead of all your competition and get clients and make sales without having to battle on prices, or throw in a bunch of extra’s, or get down on your knees and beg. In fact, using these strategies you’ll be able to charge more and have more clients than ever before.

Think about this...

When you started your photography business did you think you’d end up all this time later struggling to find clients?

Working hard to make ends meet and always feeling like you’re trying to save a sinking ship? Gasping for air as you slowly go under... feeling totally trapped by the business you once loved?

  • Did you think you’d end up in a position where you hate doing simple things like opening the mail because there might be another bill demanding to be paid with money that you don’t have?
  • Did you think you’d be opening up an empty calendar? Each box a wasted day where you're not bringing in any money.
  • Did you think you'd be doubting yourself, wondering why you’re not growing to a level even close to what you’d be happy with?
  • Did you think you’d end up competing with those “cut price” photographers who get their business based entirely on having the cheapest prices, forcing you to lower yours even though their results absolutely suck? It's not fair that you're being compared to them, but it seems like the only option is to charge less, or not work at all...

Of course you didn't. Starting a photography business knowing those things would happen would be madness.

Instead you had visions of...

  • a constant flow of new clients ready to pay your rates meaning your bank account is always growing and you're never concerned about the cash because you know it's always there.
  • getting your work done each day and still having spare time to be with your family and friends, as well as doing the other things you enjoy in life.
  • having both money AND freedom because you know that without both then you're not really successful. Working 100 hours a week with a huge income is just as bad as not working and having no income. That's why you want to earn as much as possible for each hour you do work.
  • getting known as one of the greatest photographers in your area. Making bringing in new business at higher prices than your competition easy (the cheap photographers NEVER get that repuation)

I’ll Let You In On The Secret To Photography Business Success…

Have you noticed that in your city? 

So if the economy stinks but some photographers are making a great income, there MUST be something they’re doing differently to get those results. Right?  

I’ve started to call this “The Photography Bridge”… 

More on that in a minute. 

Fact is that there are photographers in your area earning over $100,000 every year, and many earn much more than that, and the same thing is entirely possible for you and your business...

Sure, you can come up with dozens of reasons why you can't do it. But in truth you know they're just excuses. They justify why you haven't done it yet, but you know that those photographers aren't better than you, and everything they've done, you can do too!

Let’s break it down to see that a high five, or six figure income is possible for you… 

So What Is “The Photography Bridge”?

Well friend, if you’re on my "priority email subscribers list" then you should have a downloadable guide that explains this...

That guide has been very successful in the photography business community and has been called “required reading” by some pro photographers when talking about the business side, but to save you finding that in your inbox let’s run over it quickly…

The bridge is something I came up with after working closely as a private consultant for hundreds of photography business owners since 2011. It makes the whole process simple to understand and faster to use in your business.

The basic idea is that your goal is to turn people into paying clients by getting them across the “bridge” using a number of strategies.

This bridge has 3 parts, and when you make each part stronger it becomes easier to grow your business and earn more money. So the goal becomes strengthening your bridge and all of a sudden growth becomes easy!

So what are the 3 parts of the Photography Bridge?

1. Finding Clients:

This is obviously a huge part of any business. Having the power to bring in new clients gives you unlimited growth potential.  

This part of the bridge makes up about half of the success of ANY photography business, so it’s no surprise that most photographers are struggling - because they haven’t built this part of the bridge properly.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your professional level gear and probably thousands of hours behind the lens to become the photographer you are, so doesn't it makes sense to make getting clients a priority so that your business succeeds?

2. Building Value

If you’ve been in business for long then you know that small businesses who compete on price eventually go broke. That’s because there will ALWAYS be someone willing to “do it for less”

If you’re competing on price then you need to make a total 180 degree shift if you want to make a lot of money from your business…

In fact, you should be one of the most highly paid photographers in your area.

Doing that is easier than it sounds. You make sure your clients feel like you’re providing more value to them than the money that they’re paying you.

There are dozens of ways to build value, and most of them aren’t by giving your clients “more stuff”, but by the things you do, the way you do them, and how you brand yourself from the beginning…

Doing this is the difference between struggling to find clients who hesitate to spend $1,000 on wedding photography, versus easily filling your calendar months in advance with clients ready to pay $5,000 and over.

Yes, I have seen dramatic differences like that in photographers businesses on several occasions, and with all types of photographers.

3. Closing the Sale

Being able to get your prospects to say “yes” is a major part of success with any photography business.

Do you spend a lot of time talking to potential clients, who ask a lot of questions and sit on the fence for what seems like an eternity only to miss out on the job because they chose someone else and left you feeling like you’d done half the work for nothing?…

Well, having the right techniques to be able to easily guide them to making the choice to work with you will save you time, reduce stress and make you much more money.

If you do the first two parts of the bridge properly then this part will be easy, and most of the time it will happen on its own without you having to do anything.

Those are the three parts of the bridge and what we do is beef them up. One by one. And watch as your business becomes more successful, bigger and most importantly more profitable.

I figured out that…

Success In Photography Business Follows A System

I started using my Photography Bridge System with the clients I was consulting with and they grew into the potential that I saw for them. They started to hit goals that they didn’t think were possible just months before, and seeing the success made them excited to keep pushing forward with more and more of the techniques.

And there was nothing special about those photographers. In fact most of them were really struggling, didn’t have money to spend, and two were still in their first year of business. But they made it work because they had the system to achieve their goals.

Of course what I did next was package those systems into something more broadly available so that photographers all over the world can access them, and I’ve called it Rich Photographer University because it’s got nothing to do with the photo's you take, but everything to do with making money FROM your photography!…

And that’s what your business is about isn’t it? 

Making more money so that you can do what you want with your life and enjoy the freedom that your successful photography business gives you.

Simple pleasures like being able to take a month off for a tropical holiday in Hawaii, Bali or the Greek Islands (that's my wife and I in Venice, Italy) and being able to keep your business running by spending a few short hours each week booking in new clients for when you return.

And the luxury of being able to turn away clients who aren’t a good fit for your business, so you can choose to spend your time working with those amazing clients who love what you do and are fun to work with.

And having enough money in the bank to pay all your bills as soon as they come in so you eliminate all the stress of not having enough money. In fact, instead of paying interest on your debt each month you’ll be earning interest on your savings. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? Wouldn’t that make life a lot more enjoyable?

As well as knowing that you’ll have more clients coming in and a schedule that’s booked solid weeks and months in advance so you never have to worry about where that next payday will come from.

Or just the joy of finally being able to go full time and be able to quit your other job that keeps you feeling like a slave working for an hourly wage, expected to treat it like the centre of your universe while you make someone else rich!

Did you know that these pleasures are possible for you? 

Or have you been struggling to make it work for so long that it seems like success just isn’t possible for you, even though other people often make it look so easy?

The ONLY Thing Stopping You From Earning 6 Figures Is The Right Business & Marketing Strategies

Judging by the fact that you’ve read this far I know that you’re fully capable of growing into a 6 figure photography business. You see, most photographers won’t get this far because they’ll read a few paragraphs in and then create excuses for why they can’t achieve success. They’ll keep doing what they’ve always done and their results will be just as horrible as last year, and the year before that…

But you’re different. You've read to this point because you have faith. You believe in yourself with such certainty that you know there’s just a few small parts of your business that are missing, and if you can just figure out what they are then your success will be fast-tracked. And I think you’re right

I’ve created Rich Photographer University just for you and those other rare photographers just like you.

It’s literally every business insight, strategy and system that I’ve developed for photography businesses like yours after working with hundreds of photographers all over the world since 2011.

A comprehensive game-changing package that gives you every single tool you need to achieve your goals faster than you think is possible - each one able to easily slot into your current business. So here’s what you’re about to get:

The Rich Photographer System

This program started my Rich Photographer brand and it’s the biggest course I’ve ever created. It has previously sold for $1,038.00 [No-BS 'price proof' photo from inside PayPal below - an upfront payment of $297 followed by 3 payments of $247] to hundreds of photographers who achieved results beyond their expectations.

Rich Photographer System Price Proof

The Main Rich Photographer System Manual

This thing is an absolute beast. 102 individual strategies designed to grow your photography business. You don’t need to use all of the strategies to achieve more success in your business though. In fact, some photographers have used just 3 or 4 of the strategies and have seen their profits double and triple within months.

The goal with the manual isn’t to overwhelm you with techniques, but to give you a toolbox that gives you the power to decide which strategies would be easiest for you to use. 

But just as in the Photography Bridge concept from earlier, if you use more strategies your bridge will become stronger - so try to implement two or three each month to keep seeing great results.

Here’s just a peek at what you’ll discover inside the manual:

  • The “plain looking” letter that sparked a client rush for photographers ready to work. Fine-tuned after hundreds of tests. Other photographers scratch their heads wondering why it works so well every time (Pages 74-78)

  • The 3 letters that can have your phone ringing off-the-hook so frequently that it gets annoying, even when you were praying for it to ring just months before (Plus – the single most important thing you can do to “fail-proof” your business in tough economic times — even while others are going bust – (see pages 32-36)

  • The super-simple “positioning secret” that when used properly creates something similar to a “hypnosis” in prospects minds blocking them from even thinking about other photographers and choosing you without remembering why! (page 37)

  • Yes, there is a statistically “better” way to present your portfolio in the 21st century that’s more than expected in 2014 and allows you to eliminate the high-pressure feel that scares clients off before you’ve had a chance! Details on pages 71 to 73.

  • The secret to being the only stand-out photographer in the Yellow-Pages. This simple ad-template consistently beats ads four to five times their size that cost your competition an arm and a leg (Pages 93-98)

  • The “bait-and-switch” technique (this one's bad) that over half of photographers use that many times does work on some unsuspecting clients, but eventually drives most far, far away – And kills your chances of getting referrals! see pages 48-49

  • The six steps to quietly take advantage of your local newspaper to get more clients in the long-run – and it’s totally free! Details on pages 64 to 66

  • A step-by-step “mathematical formula” most photographers never understand that gives you the right to own the lions-share of your photography market faster than you could right now - Including at least FOUR ways you can take advantage of your competition using it! (Pages 82-84)

  • Immediately increase your profits using the only database that can save a slowly-sinking business from closure. This data-bank is also the “Key” to staying fully-booked through the slow-season (Pages 38-40)

  • The risk “neutraliser” designed by smart marketers and business tycoons back in the 1920′s that was largely forgotten until now, that clears up 8 of every 10 questions in your prospects mind that are stopping them from pulling the trigger. Details on pages 59-62.

  • How a testing secret that when used consistently can turn an already successful business into something you're awkwardly embarrassed about because it's doing so well...with ongoing growth no matter what the economy does. But be warned, this can quickly make friends jealous. (Page 122)

WARNING: Yes, this is a large manual and it’s not the kind of fluff you’d find in a university textbook on marketing, so to get the most benefit please don’t try to read it in a single day. Instead just go over 4 or 5 strategies daily.

The Rich Photographer System Audio

It is what it sounds like my friend. It’s the Rich Photographer System Manual... in spoken audio format. Useful for those who dislike reading, or if you have limited time and would benefit from listening while driving in your car or doing some mindless housework!

Plus it's been sped by by 50% so what was orignally an 8 hour audio file has been condensed to 5.5 hours. And don't worry, it's still perfectly clear ;)

The Rich Photographer System DVD’s

 How to Make More by Working Less

This video lesson will show you how to automate the boring parts of your business that don’t directly results in profits but are necessary to running a high-level business that your clients love.

Things like following up with prospects, getting contracts sent and signed, conducting mini-surveys to figure out exactly what your clients want before you even meet which saves huge amounts of time, and even tasks like post-processing (the editing work).

Using these strategies allows you to be behind the camera, interacting with clients and doing whichever parts of your business you enjoy most so you wake up every morning excited for the day ahead while making more profits for every hour of work. It’s truely a win-win system.

 How to Get Ranked Higher In Google

It’s true, a large number of people go straight to Google when looking for ANYTHING, not just a photographer, so having your website show up is a huge asset!

BUT, this is a semi-controversial topic because being ranked highly in Google can be “The Kiss of Death” because it makes photographers forget about using other sources to bring in new clients (so it weakens the first part of their “Bridge”), and if Google ever decides to remove their website from the first page of the Search Engine (which is very common) their business basically dies immediately!

That being said, getting ranked highly in Google can be easier than you think with a few tricks and once you’re up there it’s usually for a long time meaning that you benefit for a lot of free new prospects coming into your website.

This video lesson shows you exactly what to do to your website and other places around the internet that your business appears so that your chances of getting one of those top spots in Google increases tenfold.

How to Increase Your Credibility Quickly So You Can Charge 50-100% More

This single strategy has directly resulted in dozens of the photographers I work with to double their prices yet allow them to beat their competition more easily than ever before.

I’m not going to tell you that this strategy is easy to set up, because it’s not - in all honesty it’ll probably take you at least a month to get it running. But once you do that initial hard work it’s an asset you have working for you every day for the future of your business and it works like crazy.

It’s that initial hard period that stops most photographers from trying it out, even though they know the concept is very bankable. 

Will you be one of the few who use this single strategy to double your business in the next year?  

The Advertising Cheat Sheet

I get it, you’re not an advertiser, you’re a photographer and the whole idea of getting a course like this is so that you don’t need to come up with advertising ideas - it should be done for you…

That’s what the advertising cheat sheet is. It’s a document of idea’s. Things like headlines, bullet points, lines to make the sale, text to use in buttons and more. Everything you need to put together a good advertisement. 

To use it just create a rough concept of what you’re advertising, then go through and find the pieces that will work best for your offer. The result will be a world class advertisement that works at bringing in new clients and profits.

Many of these headlines and one-liners are from as far back as the 1920’s, and they’re included in this cheat-sheet for the simple reason that they’ve brought in many millions of dollars in sales in that time, and they continue to work just as well today as when they were first tested.

Honestly there’s too much to mention in this letter, especially in the manual itself, so your curiosity levels will have to stay high until you reach the maembers area in a few minutes. 

The Rich Photographer System has sold previously for $1,038 but it’s included in Rich Photographer University

Next you’ll get a course that was created by popular demand after working with hundreds of photographers, and hundreds more pleading to see how I produce such rapid results…

It’s “The Photographers Facebook”

Created based on my experience in Google Adwords where my marketing company spent over $300,000 yearly in ad costs to develop a system that made big profits.

I’ve tweaked that same system to work on the Facebook advertising platform because it’s much cheaper and the new targeting options are absolutely perfect for photography business owners.

During this 9 part Video training series I take you step-by-step through the exact process of setting up your own Facebook ads that are cheap to run and more importantly effective at bringing in new high-paying photography clients. 

I take away the fear that comes from starting a new advertising campaign and all those questions that circle your head “what if it doesn’t work?”, or “what if I burn through money that I could be spending elsewhere?”. We replace that with confidence in knowing that you’ll be able to set up a powerful campaign based on the results of hundreds of photographers that have gone before you to test the waters to create the Photographers Facebook course.

It’s previously sold for $495 to hundreds of photographers around the world, but is included in Rich Photographer University

Now we come to something that many photographers pride themselves on having - A strong referral network. And building that network is made easy with the...

“Referral 180” Course for Photographers

So you know that getting referrals is the cheapest way to grow a business because the clients who get referred to you cost zero advertising dollars…

Well, you don’t need to just do good work and then pray that your clients refer you to their friends and family. There is a system that you can use to increase your referral numbers by 5 and 10 times what you could expect to get (naturally for most photographers means doing nothing).

Have you ever heard the saying “referred clients are the best clients”? Well, it’s true! Have you ever noticed it in your business?

It’s a phenomenon that happens because the clients who are really thrilled with the work you do for them are generally all-round great people. They then refer their friends, and the people they are friends with are usually just as great as the original client. So you end up working with really cool people who never try to beat you down on price, they don’t sweat the small stuff and they make working in your business fun everyday

This video training series will take you through the strategies you need to be using to increase the number of clients who refer, as well as using some more advanced strategies to get the people and business owners in your community referring you to their own friends, family and customers…

This turns your normal small referral network into something much bigger. Much more effective. And much more profitable.

The Referral 180 program was previously sold individually for $497, but is included in Rich Photographer University.

As you can see this is a hugely comprehensive business building course made solely with photographers in mind, that covers all aspects of your business to take the guesswork out of becoming profitable and moving toward that 6 figure income zone.

Here's the math on what these courses cost individually:

  • Rich Photographer System - $1038
  • Photographers Facebook - $495
  • Referral 180 Program - $497

 Total Value = $2,023.00

That's $2,032.00 and at that price it was an incredibly wise investment into your business because seeing results was guaranteed. I’ll talk more about that in a minute, but the photographers who bought these programs were given a written promise that they would make more money as a result of using the strategies, which made the decision a simple one.

Your Investment Today Is Far More Affordable…

To make the Rich Photographer University accessible to every photographer there are two investment options...

  • NOTE: These prices are LIMITED to the next 5 memberships. Once those places have been filled this page will redirect to the standard pricing option ($100 more)
  • First 5 Members

If you're one of the first 5 members after the business growth webinar you'll save $100 instantly. Once those spots are gone the button below will stop working!

Option 1 = Single payment of $585

Option 2 = $97 today, then 3 instalments of $197

And Here's What Other Photographers had to Say...

Ryan Kiedrowski - Southern Alberta, USA

John Robertson Photography - Rothwell, UK

My Twin Risk-Eliminating Guarantees

These guarantees have been designed to take the risk away from you entirely because it's my belief that you shouldn’t have to risk anything to try these systems, and if they work the way I've described in this letter, then you'd be absolutely thrilled with the return on your investment, wouldn't you?

So here they are...

Guarantee #1

If for any reason, or no reason at all you decide that the Rich Photographer University isn’t for you within the first 60 days just let us know and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

This is the lowest price this course has ever been and it won’t be discounted further than this.

Both options are extremely good value because it would take well over 20 hours of private consulting to get all these strategies and systems running in your business, and with consulting being $350 per hour you can see how it adds up fast, meaning a saving today of over $6,000.

Then take a few minutes to consider the opportunity cost. The number of clients and jobs you're already missing out on due to poor advertising, bad follow up practices or insufficient post sale service that's costing you thousands in lost sales every month.

Your investment today gets you full access to the entire Rich Photographer University so you can start to use all the strategies, ideas and techniques in your photography business, and know that you're maximising the earning potential of your photography business.

And I’m not so arrogant to think that this course is a perfect match for every photographer in the world, but I am confident that it will work for you, and that’s why I can offer such a strong guarantee. 

Please don’t think that this guarantee is just hype or an empty promise because it’s not. It is designed to get you the same results that I’ve been talking about in this letter, and if that doesn’t happen or you feel that the course wasn’t as I’ve said it was, then I wouldn’t expect you to pay a cent.

Guarantee #2

If after using the Rich Photographers University for an entire year you haven't at least doubled your investment back in added profits, just show us a mere 3 strategies that you did use, and we'll give you a 100% refund.

That means you've got an entire year to try it for yourself. If you try it and don't make more money as a result, you get a full refund. 

That's the best way I know to reduce any risk to you entirely. 

But whatever choice you make today...

Shouldn’t Everything In Life Come With a Guarantee Like That?

I think a lot more people would go to university if they were guaranteed a job at the end. But in reality there are more people in each graduating class who wind up unemployed or working in a lower paying job totally unrelated to their degree!

Imagine that you could invest a sum of money into your business today, and that your business would earn an extra $10,000 every year because of that single investment. How much would you spend for an opportunity like that?

What about $20,000?

Just think that the knowledge and skills you gain this year will affect the success of your photography business for years and decades to come.

You’d find a way to make that initial investment, no matter what it was, wouldn’t you?

I know I would - and I know that you and I are alike in a lot of ways. You’re committed to succeeding and creating a life that you’re proud of. And part of that means earning a lot of money through your photography business.

Now, even though the Rich Photographer University would be incredible value at $2,032.00 and would earn you many times that in increased profits every year...

I Know You’ll Succeed Either Way

Look, I'm not going to spin a tall tale and say that without the Rich Photographer University you'll never make a real business out of photography...

Quite the opposite. It's my opinion that if you made it this far into this letter then you're not like most people. You're curious, you're looking for answers, and new ways to grow your business. So I'd bet that you will turn your photography business into something wonderfully profitable and fun.

The only difference is that it'll take longer.

You'll certainly put the pieces of the puzzle together, but the process will be slower. A strategy here, an improvement there. Gradual growth that leads to big success...

But what if you could skip all that and cut out the learning curb - moving straight to success?

The fact is, every single day you're faced with decisions that need to be made. Some are harder to make than others, but the decisions you’ve made so far have lead you here today

And now you’ve come to another fork in the road of life and are again faced with two choices.

The first path on your left is the one in which you choose to do nothing. You walk away from this offer and continue doing things the way you’ve always done them. I don’t know where that path will take you, but as we've just discussed, the journey to your goals will take longer IF you choose this path.

The second path, the one on your right is the one I hope you’ll take. It's the one where you become a member of Rich Photographer University and begin your journey toward a more profitable photography business. You'll enter the members area in just a few minutes and from there your business and life starts to change. You start to see your business more clearly and know exactly what you need to be doing to get the results you’ve been trying so long to get.

I've done all I can to encourage you take the path toward success...

To take that path just go ahead and click the button below to join Rich Photographer University.

Option 1 = Single payment of $585

Option 2 = $97 today, then 3 instalments of $197

I look forward to watching your photography business grow.

Dane Bergen

Business and Marketing Consultant

Rich Photographer Company

P.S. If you've skimmed all the way to the bottom let me tell you the most important parts. You'll get access to an online members area with all the training you need to grow your photography business to produce a 6 figure income. It comes with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and a 12 month "make at least double your investment" or your money back guarantee. And importantly, the price is rising by $100 shortly (see the bar at the bottom of this page).

P.P.S. You'll also get a bonus 30 minute private consultation valued at $175 where I'll take a look at your business and tell you how and where to make changes that result in the biggest increase to your income.

So click here to order now.

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