"Skip Headaches and Slow, Risky Business Decisions - Use Dane's Marketing Experience to Reach Your Potential Sooner"

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What a Private Consulting Session Can Do For You

  • Increase Your Profits

    This is the end goal of any business. Our sessions will focus on creating a business that brings in qualified prospects and turns them into high-paying clients.

  • Give You a Plan

    Do you feel like you’re lost when it comes to marketing? We’ll create a weekly action plan so you’ll always be on the path to success

  • Save You Cash

    How much have you wasted on advertising that didn’t work? Ad online, in magazines, flyers, trade shows. A single one hour consulting session will show you where and how to advertise effectively.

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P.S. I'm only taking 8 calls each week, meaning I can typically work with just 16 photographers at once.